Yu Qing
Senior Engineer
Institute of International Engineering Project Management
Department of Construction Management

West Main Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P. R. China
Phone: (8610) 62792368

E-mail: qyu@tsinghua.edu.cn

Miss Yu Qing got her master degree from Harbin Institute of Technology. She is the deputy director of Institute of International Engineering Project Management. She is also the union propaganda committee member in school of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University.
Miss Yu Qing is responsible for the teaching of several courses for undergraduates, including Building Construction Technology, Construction Estimation: Theory and Practice, as well as Construction Project. Her research areas include construction technology, evaluation and retrofitting of existing fire exposed structures. She has written one books and published more than 40 Journal papers. She has done the structural designs for engineering projects. Some of her research outcomes have been used in typical buildings and have been adopted in several technical codes in China. She won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements of Fujian Province . She has gotten 6 state patents in China.
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