Yang Shu
Title:Senior Engineer
Address:Dept. Civil Engineering|| Tsinghua university|| Beijing|| 100084 PR China
Fax: 86-10-62773661
E-mail: yangshu@tsinghua.edu.cn
Educational Background
Oct 2009 -Dec 2015 Ph.D Project Management & Strategy SKEMA
Jul 1998 -Jun 2001 M.Sc. Project Management Tsinghua University
Sep 1993 -Jul 1998 B.E. Hydraulic structure engineering Tsinghua University
Work Experience
Dec. 2003 ~ Now Institute of International Engineering Project Management Assistant Dean
Teaching Courses
1. Interactive and Experienced Project Management
2. “Knowledge to Capability”—Project Manager Practice-targeted Training
3. Organizational Project Management
4. Entrepreneur Project Management System
5. Internet + Project Management
6. PMP Certificate Training
Research Interests
1. Organizational Project Management
2. Entrepreneur Project Management System
3. Project Management Informatization
4. Project Management Maturity Model
5. Project Management Under Chinese Culture
Research Projects
1. Gap Analysis of employees' ability, 2008.10
2. Research on collaborative program management, 2012.08
3. The electronic sand table platform of project management, 2016.05
4. Research of management mode of overseas projects, 2016.03
5. Research on international engineering market strategy, 2016.04
6. Consulting of International Project Management Award, 2016.10
7. Research on strategic development of Civil Engineering, 2016.05
Professional Service
1. Standing director, Chinese society of management science
2. Secretary general, Specialized Committee of Project Management
Honors and Awards
2012, the Tsinghua Teaching Achievement Award
2010, the Tsinghua Teaching Achievement Award
2009, the Beijing Teaching Achievement Award
2008, the Tsinghua Teaching Achievement Award
2006, the Tsinghua Teaching Achievement Award
Academic Achievement
1. Zhongming Wang, Shu YANG, 《Strategy of Enterprise Leadership》, Tsinghua University Press, 2009
2. Kuiwei Chen, Shu YANG etc., 《Blue book of Business training in China》, Modern Education Press, 2008
3. Kuiwei Chen, Shu YANG etc., 《Blue book of Business training in China II》, Modern Education Press, 2009
4. Shu YANG, 《30 years of China Business Training》, Enterprise management press, 2008
5. Dongping FANG,Shu YANG, “Review and Prospect of construction project management personnel training”, 《Proceedings of the International Conference on project management》, 2004
6. Shu YANG, “Development of project management education in China”, 《Proceedings of the PMI annual conference in Hongkong》, 2012
7. Shu YANG, “China Project Management Education Development Report”, 《Proceedings of the PMI annual conference in Taipei》, 2013
8. Shu YANG, Decheng CAO, “Application of artificial neural network in tunnel support”, 《Highway》, 2001.03, ISSN:0451-0712
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