Opinions on the Withdrawal of the Postgraduate Student
2019-05-23 14:36

TALEBZADEH, NEDA,Female,Master student, ID : 2017280151.

MANZOOR, BILAL, Male,Doctoral student, ID :2018380069.

The fact that TALEBZADEH, NEDA and MANZOOR, BILAL failed to complete the registration procedure within two weeks of the prescribed time without applying for leave and didn’t participate in any teaching and research activities required by the university and doctoral supervisor for two consecutive weeks or more. According to the Regulations on Postgraduate Student Status Management of Tsinghua University, the two students mentioned above will be withdrawn from the University.

If there are any objections, a written defense may be submitted to the postgraduate management office of the schools or departments within 5 working days of the receipt of this notice. After submitting a written defense, students can request oral statements and pleadings, or apply for a hearing within 10 working days of the receipt of this notice.



Dept. Of  Hydraulic Engineering .


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