Scientific and Technological Activities

A lot of extra-curricular scientific and technological events, SRT plans, and undergraduate instructor system are organized, such as ‘Challenge Cup’, ‘Hydraulic Innovation Contest’, and ‘Hydrology Knowledge Competition’, to offer chances for potential students to cut a striking figure and begin scientific research in advance. As planned in the‘Water-drop’ Program,‘lifelong instructor’, ‘scientific and technological innovation’, ‘overseas exchange’, ‘truth seeking’, ‘cultural and sports talents’, ‘business start-up’, and ‘water-drop forum’ are established under the principle of ‘project-oriented operation, open participation, student domination and interest guidance’ to effectively promote comprehensive development for students. In recent years, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering has made further development in scientific and technological innovation with fruitful achievements. And in 2015, we won the ‘Outstanding Cup’, a teamwork award of the ‘Challenge Cup’.

Students presenting their research achievements for the teachers on the site of ‘Challenge Cup’ Exhibition

Students from the Department of Hydraulic Engineering attended the National Hydraulic Innovation Contest Exhibition

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