Address:Room 224B, New Hydraulic Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 100084
Educational Background
BA: Sep.2000 – July.2004, Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering, Tsinghua University
PhD: Sep.2004 – Jul.2009, Institute of Hydrology & Water Resources, Tsinghua University
Work Experience
Jul.2009 : Lecturer, Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University
Aug.2010-Nov.2011 : Visiting Academic in Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the University of Melbourne
Teaching Courses
1. Undergraduate Course: flood control and Water Resource Management, 2015
2.Australia-China Joint Course: Comparison of the Water Governance of World Rivers, 2012-2014
3. France-China Joint Course: International Environment Management, 2011-2015
Research Interests
1.Hydrology Modelling
2.Flood Control and Urban Storm Water Management
3.Water Allocation Modelling and Water Resources Management
Research Projects
2009, Outstanding PhD Graduate of Tsinghua University
2008, the first class of Scientific and Engineering Award from Ministry of Water Resources
2005,First Class Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2001-2004, First prize, Annual Excellent Academic Performance Scholarship of Tsinghua University
Honors and Awards
Hydrology Modelling
Project 1: Climate Change Impact on Stream Flow Change in the Yellow River, China, 2014.
Project 2: The Study on Discharge Reduction in the Middle Reach of the Yellow River after 2000, 2011-2013
? Flood Control and UrbanStorm Water Management
Project 3: Key Technology for Flood Resource Utilization in Haihe River Basin China, 2004-2007
Project 4: The Strategy and Technology for Urban Storm Water Management and Rainfall Harvest in China, 2014-2015.
Project 5: The Status Analysis, Assessment and Strategy for China’s Urban Storm Water Management, 2013-2014.
? Water Allocation Modelling and Water Resources Management
Project 6: Real-time and Automatic Operation of Water Supply System through the Internet of Water, 2013-2015
Project 7: The Study on Water Rights Market in China, 2015-2017
Project 8: Optimization of Water Allocation in the Hei River Basin, NorthwestChina, 2014-2016
Project 9: Water Allocation Modelling in the Taolai River Basin, Northwest China, 2014-2015
Project 10: Knowledge Exchange on International Waters, 2012-2015
Project 11: The Study on Water Rights Allocation in China, 2011-2013
Project 12: The Study on Water Demand Management in China, 2009-2010
Project 13: Understanding Cultural and Ecological Triggers for Policies against Water Catchment Degradation, 2011-2014
Project 14: Integrated River Basin Management: Managing the Threats to Sustainable Water Resources Development, 2011-2012
Project 15: Variability Assessment on Water Supply in Melbourne, 2011-2015
Project 16: Water Entitlement and Trading, 2008-2009

Project 17: Climate Change Impacts on Water Resource Planning in the Shiyang River Basin, Northwest China, 2008-2009
Project 18: Study on the Status Quo and Key Technologies Issues of China Water Right System, 2007-2009
Project 19: Integrated Water Resource Planning in the Shiyang River Basin China, 2005-2006
Educational Background
1. Tingting Xu, Hang Zheng, Zhongjing Wang. Assessment of water market in the Shiyang River Basin, China. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. Accepted.
2. Zhidan Hu, Zhongjing Wang, Hang Zheng, Dajun Shen. Performance assessment of the total water use control system and environmental restoration in inland river basins, northwest China. International journal of water management development. Under Review.

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